A Place to Understand Why Obama is Projecting War Crimes Allegations on an Investigator.


Barack Obama has been involved in deadly misconduct built on the claim he has the right to commit sacrificial homocide of a white person as an act of racial eugenics avenging the AIDS Onslaught when, in reality, he is an attorney for the truly guilty.

My Father Ryland Wesley Crary

Dr. Crary was the author of books in favor of human rights beginning in the 1940's after serving on the USS San Jacinto in WW2 alongside George Bush.  He was a Peace Corps Leader.  Father received terroristic communications from the AIDS Combein on his death bed.

The Death of President Kennedy in November of 1963 was the opening shot fired in the AIDS Onslaught.  Little, little Ronald Reagan did not do this alone.  Essays are listed in the index above where you see Home Contact.  The first is titled R-Knolled.  The Reagans tortured me and framed me as a rapist using the neuroplasm they inflicted without a victim based on a script about the experiment they say was psychologically consistent and I don't know where to get help.  It was the endgame that began in Dealey Plaza about which the Clintons mysteriously have no remorse.


Many more essays and indictments can be found at http://www.thechinatowngazetteer.wordpress.com  Learn to leave someone who hates you alone.  Ponder the reason.

James MacRyland Crary 315 Maynard Ave. S. #103, Seattle, WA | 206-621-1219 please use TTY relay 711

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